Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ike!

Let me start off by saying that Ike was horrible! We all came through unharmed, and were really lucky. We had some damage to the fence and some trees down but no damage was done to the house. Here are some pictures: A section of the fence that is down. A un-obstructed view to our neighbors! The front yard. This is from the back door, looking out to the yard. This is from the backyard, looking toward the house. The left side of our backyard. This is from the corner of the yard. This is the fence between us and our next door neighbors. Another spot in the fence that is busted. Darren and I are back at work (how I am posting this), and Mom will go back to work tomorrow. Schools have been closed all week, due to the amount of damage that was done to them, as well as so many people and business are still without electricity. We lost power at 8 on Friday evening and are still in the dark. We are being told that we might have power by Monday. We're hoping, but know that we are a lot better off that a lot of people. We are blessed enough to have running water and a gas stove, so we are doing good. Continue to pray for those who are struggling to find food and water. God Bless! -M

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