Thursday, September 29, 2011

Denver's 2 Weeks Old

Up until Sunday, we'd been having a wonderful time getting used to each other and snuggling a lot. Then on Sunday, things changed. Since then we've had lots of crying and screaming, some issues with pottying, lots of restless sleep. Needless to say - it's been very stressful around here. It's so heartbreaking when he's so upset and I have no idea why or what to do. He's 100% bottle fed now so we switched his formula to a sensitive one, we've been burping lots and lots, using Mylicon gas drops, Karo syrup and have had to use infant glycerin suppositories and we had a good day yesterday but so far today, things haven't been so good. Lots of crying, screaming, grunting, red faces, etc. and only one 45 minute nap and he's been up for over 8 hours. I'm just praying that we can get it all figured out soon and get this sweet boy to feeling better. Anyhow, yesterday we went for Denver's 2 week check up and he is growing despite all of his tummy issues. He is making great eye contact, that the Dr seemed to be very impressed with. He's very alert, and is already gaining muscle control and has been trying to hold his head up since birth. His little neck gets stronger everyday! We have had quite a few people tell us how great is muscle tone is and how strong he is! Here are his 2 week stats: Head: 14.84" (62.20%) Height: 21" (60.09%) Weight: 9 lb, 1 oz (58.03%) Now just pray we can get his tummy issues straight!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love Daddy!

Denver loves bath time but since his tummy issues, he's been very, very fussy. Daddy helped with bath time last night and Denver clamped down on his finger and wouldn't let go.

Isn't this sweet? I could just eat this little boy up with a spoon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mobile Fun!

Denver has had a lot of issues with gas & constipation so we've had 2 days of crying and screaming with very little relief. I had to potty so I put him in his crib for just a few minutes and turned the mobile on for him and surprisingly, he calmed down.

Look how much he liked it! I stood beside his crib for over an hour and re-started it every time it turned off. Then, he had enough and started getting fussy again but that was an hour of pure joy for the both of us! Pray that we'll get all of his tummy issues straightened out soon. It just kills me when he's so upset and in pain.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Newborn Pictures

Saturday, we traveled to Deer Park, TX to see Deb from Photos by Deb to have Denver's newborn pictures taken. He did so well! No crying, or fits and he let us position him in lots of different pictures. We did have a situation where he peed on the photographer but she just took it in stride and got some great shots. She sent me some previews. Here they are:

Of course, because I'm a new mom & still getting used to packing the house before we leave - I layed out his "special" clothes and then forgot them on the kitchen counter so we took a few pictures in his yellow & white pjs.

When we change his diaper at home, he keeps his legs together and it's hard to get in to the important spots to get everything clean. When we took his clothes off and started posing him - it was the exact opposite. It was almost impossible to get him to keep his legs closed. He was trying to show off!

This is by far, my favorite picture. Oh, how I love these two! Now, we just wait for the rest of the images. I can't wait to see them!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Look How Smart I Am?

I've had to give Denver some bottles. He doesn't seem to mind. Look what he figured out how to do...

Can you believe it? He propped it up with his left hand and held onto it with his right. I can't get over how smart he is!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

I can't stop taking pictures of this sweet baby boy. He was having some issues with his sinuses (he had some issues in the hospital as well) and we were told to give him just a couple of drops of a saline solution. He woke up all stuffy & upset so mommy changed his diapers and gave him some drops and then propped him up on a pillow in my lap. In just about 10 minutes, he was breathing better and was back to sleep.

I just adore this little face!

Isn't he just the sweetest thing? I wonder what he was dreaming about? Probably milk! That's pretty much his favorite thing ever! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures of Denver!

Just some pictures of my Angel...

I can't believe this sweet little guy is already a week old!

Monday, September 19, 2011

First Bath

Our first bath went well and didn't involve any tears so we're going to call that a success!

I made sure he was constantly covered with a warm cloth. Since he didn't get cold, he stayed content. I love his face in this picture! He definitely wasn't sure about it at first!

Isn't he adorable??

Doctors Appointments

Denver's bilirubin levels were high in the hospital & they told us that there was a possibility that we would be released & he would be re-admitted to the pediatric unit for more tests & treatment for jaundice. Luckily, the day we were supposed to go home he tested "intermediate high" for jaundice. You only have to stay if their levels are "high". We had to set up a Drs appointment the next day to gave his levels checked again. They were still elevated so we had to make an appointment that Saturday to have him checked again. We went on Saturday and his levels had gone up from the day before so we had to make an appointment to have him checked on Monday. Thankfully, when we got his results on Monday, his levels had gone down and he didn't have to be placed under any lights & he doesn't have to keep being checked. My poor baby's heels looked so pitiful so that makes me very happy!

My sweet boys! D is so good with him!

In the car on the way!

Waiting for the Dr!

Daddy on diaper duty!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meeting Cousin Matthew

Denver loves his big cousin Matthew!

And Matthew loves him!

Aren't they sweet together?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our First Night Home

We put Denver's play yard in our room next to our bed because it has a built in bassinet. It makes me rest easier knowing that Denver is literally just a foot away.

Doesn't he look so sweet?

We're Going Home!

We're on our way home to start our new life as a family!

Door Bell Sign

I've been wanting some kind of sign to hang by or on the front door to keep the UPS man from ringing the door bell. D works at night and sleeps during the day & when the UPS man rings the doorbell Coco goes crazy and wakes him up. I don't want to have the same situation with Denver when we get home with him. While playing around on Pinterest the other day I saw the most adorable sign to hang by the front door (made by Amy).
I read her tutorial (which now I can't find to link to) & decided to make one like it. I started with a pre-cut, thin wooden sign in the unfinished wood section at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents. I got D to drill a small hole on each side of the sign so that I could run ribbon through it and hang it when I got finished. I spray painted it heirloom white and decided that I didn't like it so then I spray painted it Italian Olive (two coats).
I brought it in and it looked liked this.
Then I took a small piece of 400 grit sandpaper and sanded down the entire front and spent a little extra time on the edges so that the white would come through.
Then I got out some antiquing medium. I had some issues paying $2.99 for that bottle but I used SO little, that it should practically last me forever which makes it easier to swallow.
I put a small amount on a paper towel and rubbed it in circular motions all over the sign and spent a little extra time on the edges to make it a little darker there.
I put a little more on the paper towel and "blotted" it onto the sign in a couple of places and then set it to the side to let it dry.
While it was drying, I made the words in brown vinyl on my Silhouette. I cut the words out seperately because I was undecided on the layout that I wanted, so I wanted to be able to play around with it a little. The fonts I used were "Mr and Mrs Popsicle", "Cheri" and "Clingy".
This is what it looked like when finished.
Then I just took some brown ribbon that I already had and folded it over and ran it through the back to the front on the left side. I knotted it and then took the access and brought it through the back to the front on the right side. I lined it up so that the ribbon would be even and tied my knot on the right side. I cut off all the extra ribbon and then used a lighter to heat seal the ends.
I decided that the bottom left corner was too bare, so I played around with my Silhouette software until I found a moon and stars that I liked, to add to it. I cut it out with the same brown vinyl and added it to the corner.
And this is my final product! Isn't it adorable? I'm really please with how it turned out and I can't wait to hang it up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Denver's First Day

Here are some pictures of Denver's first day (still in the hospital)...

Sleeping baby!

Mommy & Denver

Daddy & Denver

Sweet boy! I love those chubby cheeks!

Memaw & Denver

Our baby boy!

Breastfed/No Pacifiers Sticker

A friend suggested that I mark on Denver's hospital name sign that he should be breastfed only so we would steer clear of any miscommunication with nurses, etc. while we are in the hospital. I thought that was a great idea, but didn't want to mess up his name sign (I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate it and keep it cute), so I decided to make one more quick little "sticker" to go on Denver's bed to make sure that everyone understands our wishes for him while we are there. Of course, I made it to match the rest of our "gear" we are taking up there.
I have a bag that has all of our stuff in it, so that it's easy to get to and I don't forget about anything. I made sure that I have a pair of scissors, a roll of scotch tape, and a couple of command strips (for the wreath), so we should be all set once we get there!

Denver's First Night

We made it through our first night!

Sleeping after a 1am feeding!

Mom & Denver after nursing

Dad is worn out!

Up early to help mom nurse (he was so great at setting up pillows, handing me Denver, keeping my water fresh, etc).