Friday, September 9, 2011

Hospital Snacks

I know that I won't be able to eat anything while we're at the hospital waiting for Denver to arrive, but I know that everyone waiting with me will get hungry throughout the day. Instead of having to go all the way down to the cafeteria or spend a lot of money on snacks, I decided to pack some for everyone!

Luckily, I had lots of stuff left over from the "favors" from each shower. Trail mix from one (they were in little bags that said "thank you for helping me on the trail to motherhood") and cajun snack mix from the other shower (they were in little bags that said "critter crunch"). I opened all of those little individual packages and dumped them in large ziploc bags and then just made little tags that matched the rest of the "It's a Boy" stuff I had been printing.

I had a couple of packages of mini cookies left from the Nurse's gift jar, so I made a cookie bag as well with the same tag and packaged them all up in a white gift bag with a handle (that I already had), so D can make sure they get taken to the hospital.

The longer I wait for Denver to arrive, the more stuff that I come up with - just to keep myself busy. Can you tell? :)

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