Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Joy, It's a Boy Nurses' Gift Jar

A couple of weeks ago I saw this picture online of a little gift jar to give someone when they have a baby (boy). I had been looking for something to do for the nurses when we go to the hospital, and so I really liked this idea. It's very similar to the Turkey Toes I made for Thanksgiving so I knew it would be quick and easy to put together.
I went to Hobby Lobby and got a large jar (not the mason jar kind) with a screw on lid. I couldn't find any blue and white polka dotted ribbon, so I got a white ribbon with blue and green polka dots.
I just put a line of hot glue down the seam of the jar, made sure I had enough ribbon to cover the lip of the jar, and then pressed it down.
I was able to find a light blue ribbon that I liked, that was smaller than I needed so I decided I'd use the larger white ribbon as a base and layer the blue ribbon over it. I just put a dot of hot glue at the top and one at the bottom and pressed it down.
Then I made a label on my computer, in Word and printed it, cut it out and then measured it. Then I went to my Silhouette machine and made a scalloped shape just slightly larger than the circle I had just cut out. I used light blue card stock and cut away! I used Elmer's Spray Adhesive to attach the label to the cardstock and then the cardstock piece to the jar.
Here it is attached. I made one for each side of the jar and for the top of the lid. I attached them all the same way.
Then I took the light blue ribbon and hot glued it around the lid and made a bow with the larger white ribbon. I just hot glued the bow at the seam of the blue ribbon, so it would hide it.
I cut the ends of the ribbon and heat sealed them with a lighter and it's all done! I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to put in it yet (something that doesn't melt if D leaves it in the car until after the baby is here).
But I thought that was a cute, easy way to say "thank you" to all of the nurses that help us at the hospital. I'm thinking it will be cute on their nurses' station!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little idea ... hope you don't mind if I share :)

Anonymous said...

Cute idea! But I would put something in the jar that is wrapped! Maybe candy or something similar! My husband is a nurse and they always get little treats from families as a thank you but they'll only eat it if it's wrapped... Other than that it goes straight to the trash! Just an idea :)