Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctors Appointments

Denver's bilirubin levels were high in the hospital & they told us that there was a possibility that we would be released & he would be re-admitted to the pediatric unit for more tests & treatment for jaundice. Luckily, the day we were supposed to go home he tested "intermediate high" for jaundice. You only have to stay if their levels are "high". We had to set up a Drs appointment the next day to gave his levels checked again. They were still elevated so we had to make an appointment that Saturday to have him checked again. We went on Saturday and his levels had gone up from the day before so we had to make an appointment to have him checked on Monday. Thankfully, when we got his results on Monday, his levels had gone down and he didn't have to be placed under any lights & he doesn't have to keep being checked. My poor baby's heels looked so pitiful so that makes me very happy!

My sweet boys! D is so good with him!

In the car on the way!

Waiting for the Dr!

Daddy on diaper duty!

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