Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's been a scary few days at the Fountain house. There is a massive wild fire not far from us (about 15 miles). That seems like a long way until you can see a huge orange glowing ball from your yard. A good portion of the county immediately North of us have been evacuated. We're about 6 miles south of the evacuation line. Smoke was so bad this morning that they had police up and down the road on bullhorns telling everyone to stay inside and that we're under an air quality advisory. This particular fire started Monday afternoon about 3pm and to date has already burned over 8,000 acres. It's so scary. We have a lot of friends that are displaced because of the fire. Thankfully, none of them have lost their homes but they are estimating that at this point in time over 100 homes have been destroyed in the area. All of these pictures were taken about 5:30 yesterday evening, from our driveway.

Please say some prayers for the brave men and women fighting the fires, the emergency personnel and law enforcement officers assisting them and taking care of the residents of this town. Also, pray for rain. Our state needs it so badly! Since December, our state has lost approximately 3.5 million acres due to wild fires caused by droughts. This is the worst drought Texas has seen since the 1950s and we are in desperate needs of some relief.

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