Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

I can't stop taking pictures of this sweet baby boy. He was having some issues with his sinuses (he had some issues in the hospital as well) and we were told to give him just a couple of drops of a saline solution. He woke up all stuffy & upset so mommy changed his diapers and gave him some drops and then propped him up on a pillow in my lap. In just about 10 minutes, he was breathing better and was back to sleep.

I just adore this little face!

Isn't he just the sweetest thing? I wonder what he was dreaming about? Probably milk! That's pretty much his favorite thing ever! :)


Cheryl said...

OMG I didn't know he was born! Congrats! He is so adorable!!!!

ann honeycutt said...

He is so adorable. Isn't it amazing how something so small you can LOVE so much. hope all is well can't wait for more pics and hospital pics of all your crafts :) hanging up

Melissa Miller said...

Aw! He is precious. What beautiful blond hair. Congrats!