Tuesday, September 6, 2011

39 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights: How Far Along: 39 Weeks Size of baby: Watermelon (19 - 22" long, 6 to 9 pounds) Total Weight Gain/Loss: +12-15 pounds (depending on how swollen I am that day) Maternity Clothes: Just the one dress I bought and the one shirt that was a hand me down. Everything else is regular clothes (mostly pjs these days). Gender: It's a boy! Denver Ray Fountain Movement: I can feel him rolling around in there - to watch it looks like my stomach is possessed. It's pretty cool and creepy all at the same time! Sleep: Not sleeping that great here lately. It's VERY hard to get comfortable! What I miss: The occasional glass of wine or margarita! Cravings: Not craving anything, but I've been eating a lot of sweets lately! Lots of ice cream! Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, backaches, hip pain, pelvic pain, heartburn - I'm a barrel of fun these days. Best moment this week: One week closer to meeting our baby boy! We had a Drs appointment this afternoon and all went well. We are dilated to 2cm and 100% effaced, so Denver should be making his arrival soon. If he decides he wants to hang out a little longer, we're going to look into scheduling an induction on the 15th. Until then, we just wait!

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