Thursday, September 29, 2011

Denver's 2 Weeks Old

Up until Sunday, we'd been having a wonderful time getting used to each other and snuggling a lot. Then on Sunday, things changed. Since then we've had lots of crying and screaming, some issues with pottying, lots of restless sleep. Needless to say - it's been very stressful around here. It's so heartbreaking when he's so upset and I have no idea why or what to do. He's 100% bottle fed now so we switched his formula to a sensitive one, we've been burping lots and lots, using Mylicon gas drops, Karo syrup and have had to use infant glycerin suppositories and we had a good day yesterday but so far today, things haven't been so good. Lots of crying, screaming, grunting, red faces, etc. and only one 45 minute nap and he's been up for over 8 hours. I'm just praying that we can get it all figured out soon and get this sweet boy to feeling better. Anyhow, yesterday we went for Denver's 2 week check up and he is growing despite all of his tummy issues. He is making great eye contact, that the Dr seemed to be very impressed with. He's very alert, and is already gaining muscle control and has been trying to hold his head up since birth. His little neck gets stronger everyday! We have had quite a few people tell us how great is muscle tone is and how strong he is! Here are his 2 week stats: Head: 14.84" (62.20%) Height: 21" (60.09%) Weight: 9 lb, 1 oz (58.03%) Now just pray we can get his tummy issues straight!


Cheryl said...

Aww tummy issues are the worst. When my twins were young they had tummy issues. I know you said you were useing Mylicon drops, but have you been using them BEFORE every bottle? That helped us a ton!!

Also, as a new mommy myself, I found it helpful to keep them propped up for like an hour after they ate.

I hope I'm not stepping on any toes, just trying to be helpful.


Stacy said...

Now that he's 2 weeks you can use gripe water. I swear by that stuff!