Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hospital Visitor Treats

Everyday that Denver doesn't come - I figure out something else to do to keep myself a little busy. If not, I'm way too anxious and kind of wander around the house looking for something to do. The last time I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up a plain paper gift bag for just 50 cents. I already had some treat bags and some "It's A Boy" ribbon. I just needed something to put in the treat bags! I really wanted something to pass out as people come to see us at the hospital. I decided to make shortbread cookies with royal icing. I made the dough up but had trouble with it when rolling it out (in hindsight I probably shouldn't have been trying to do it at 11 at night) so I got frustrated and just threw the dough away and decided to buy something. I called the bakery and depending on what I was looking for, they wanted anywhere from $1.50-$3 per cookie and you had to order at least $50. I wanted something cute but didn't want to spend a fortune on anything so when D and I were at Wal-Mart the next day we found some of those soft sugar cookies with blue icing. Each container was $2.50 and had 10 cookies so I picked up 4 containers for $10. Much better than the bakery alternative!
I just made a label to match the wreath and used spray adhesive on it to attach it to the bag.
And then I put each cookie in a treat bag and tied them with a piece of "It's a Boy" ribbon. Something cute and cheap to hand out to our visitors!

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