Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Last Chore!

In preparing for Denver - I've cooked up a bunch of stuff to put in the freezer, I've cleaned the house, I've put all the Fall decorations out (ok, that was mainly just because I didn't think I'd have time after he got here), I've had my nails and toes done, and packed the hospital bag, crafted, and loaded everything in the car. The only other thing I need to do is get ALL of my laundry done and put up before we leave for the hospital. I realize that I don't have to, but I want to - especially since I have a little time (he doesn't seem to be wanting to make an appearance). The only problem with that plan is that my dryer is in the process of dying. It's had a nice, long well-used life but in the last couple of months - its really been giving me fits. Ever the optimist, I was hoping the summer heat had it as miserable as I am and that it'd be fine once we got to fall. Apparently, not the case and no one wants to work on it. Just my luck! A new baby on the way and a dryer on the fritz. When I say on the fritz - I'm washing and drying only one load of clothes per day because it's having serious issues. The mode/cycle knob is stripped and won't turn so you can't select a cycle - you're just stuck with timed dry. The only problem with that is that the timer quit on me, so the dryer never turns itself off. So, to I just have to go in there and open the door to get it to shut off. I could deal with that but the newest problem is that SOMETIMES it gets hot and SOMETIMES it doesn't and there is no consistency to it - you get what you get kind of thing. Earlier this week, it took me EIGHT HOURS to get a load of D's work clothes dried. I can wash a "heavy duty" load of clothes in an hour and then it takes another 8 to get them dry! See my problem? I don't even put another load in the washing machine because I'm afraid they'll sour in the heat and I'll have to wash them again. I'm home, just waiting on a baby and I have plenty of time to keep everything washed and put up and I can't. So frustrating! So, I got on Craigslist (I've only bought one thing on there, but I'm in LOVE with that site) and I found a dryer. Of course, we would love a brand new front-loading set but that will just have to wait until another day. Right now, I just need something that dries! So, I found this: A Quiet Dry electric dryer with timed dry, 14 cycles, 5 drying temperatures and 30 or 90 minute wrinkle shield option
And it has a 7 cubic foot capacity! That makes my heart skip a beat - it can dry all of D's work clothes in one load! :) Yay!!!
You know what the best part is? It WORKS! :) And I was able to get it for $120 and we pick it up this afternoon.
I plan on spending the rest of my weekend washing and DRYING clothes and I've never been happier! :)

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