Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Darren and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on November 17th. It's hard to believe that its already been a year! Our anniversary fell on a Monday, so we decided to take trip the weekend before. We left on Saturday, and drove to Brenham where we stayed in a hand-hewn pre-civil war cabin until Monday afternoon. It was in the country, which was nice and it was so peaceful, and quiet - no phones, cable, internet, etc. We just spent a lot of time together - talking, and laughing and really enjoying each others company! We hope to get a chance to "get away" again soon. Until then, there are pictures of the cabin we stayed in to remind us of our trip. Back of the Cabin, from the entrance. Front of the cabin
Description Plate Hot tub on the front porch!
View from the front porch.
Desk when you walk in.
View from the front door.
King size pillow top bed. Mini-kitchen.
In the kitchen - you can see the original axe marks.
Bathroom - a new addition to the cabin.
Stairs to the loft.
The Loft An original pre-civil war trunk. View from the loft.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I can convince hubs in a few months that we need a get away. The cabin looks so nice. How did you guys find it?