Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midnight Snack

Darren normally eats dinner when he gets home from work, but when we are heading out of town, we wait until we get on the road and we just pick something up. This time, we made it until about 1:30am - right as we were coming in to Nacogdoches. Darren and I decided that we would swing through McDonald's since it was still open. We pull up and Coco went crazy! She was squealing and barking and running back and forth on the seat. At first, we thought she was telling us that she needed to potty. After all, we had been in the car for awhile. So, I get out, in my pajamas no less, to take her potty. We walk across the parking lot to the grass and she just sits down and looks at me. So, I walk a little farther into the grass and she follows me, and then sits down and looks at me. So, I point and keep saying "Coco, go potty", while she continues to sit there and stare at me. Just in case you can't picture this, let me set the is approaching 2 in the morning, I'm starving, standing out in the grass, in my pajamas, with the sprinklers on, pointing and trying to convince a dog to "go potty". A dog that continues to sit and stare at me and occassionaly turn her head from side to side. So, I admit defeat and we head back to the truck. Where Darren is still waiting for us, in the drive thru line, laughing! Such a supportive husband, isn't he? We get in and Darren gets ready to order and Coco starts barking again and pacing in the seat. We then realize she was trying to tell us that she was hungry! We normally give her fruits and vegetables and the occasional piece of meat that I have cooked at home, but we haven't ever give her "junk", but at 2 in the morning, my lack of sleep and a barking dog made me throw caution to the wind, and I got Darren to order her a small cheeseburger. And to be honest, I have never seen a 4 legged creature so happy about anything, in my entire life. I kid you not. It was like she knew that it was for her. She ran over to my lap and wiggled and shook with excitement, until the bag came and she practically tried to get in it with her cheeseburger. After I got it unwrapped, and held it in front of the a/c vent, trying to cool it off some, Coco could wait no longer and scalding hot or not, she was getting that cheeseburger. She stuck her whole face in the wrapper and was licking all over it. So, I starting tearing it apart, because she gets so excited about food, she tends to forget to chew and I swear that she swallows some of it whole. She layed down, and Darren and I ate our supper. I considered giving her my fries but decided against it, but when I didn't finish my hamburger and started wrapping it up to put in the bag, I must have committed a serious food-foul and she got up and got back in my lap like "give me the cheeseburger, and no one gets hurt". So, I broke apart the rest of mine and she ate it all. When all cheeseburgers in the truck had been completely devoured, she was satisfied and finally layed down in the seat and went to sleep. Nothing like a "midnight snack" to make a fat girl happy :)

"Helping" Darren order!

Waiting for her burger.

Rushing me to get it broken up for her!

Enjoying her dinner!
We did something similar on the way home on Sunday and she enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Then, when we got home, we barely made it outside before she got sick. Needless to say, Coco won't be enjoying anymore cheeseburgers. I believe we will be sticking to fruits and veggies! Shh...Coco doesn't know yet!


Amanda said...

Too funny!! Poor puppy! Mommy won't let her have any more cheeseburgers!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That has got to be THE funniest thing ever!

She and Avery would be fabulous together. . .and D and hubs would be poor from their eating!