Thursday, August 27, 2009


Darren normally does my banking for me, on Saturday while I'm making breakfast or starting laundry or one of those really "fun" things I do around this joint on the weekend. Since Coco is pretty much glued to her dad whenever he is home, he normally takes her with him. The first time that he took her to the bank, I told him to make sure that they gave her a dog biscuit. He looked at me like I had three heads and said "Are you kidding". I said "No babe. I don't know how they do it back in Center but here in Houston, kids get a sucker and dogs get a biscuit at the bank, just make sure Coco gets hers". He gave me another funny look, and they headed out the door. When they got back, I asked if she got her biscuit, and he said that the teller had seen Coco and sent her biscuit through the tube. He said that he gave Coco the biscuit and she just layed it on the seat. As he was driving off, he said that she layed down and ate it. This is how it works EVERY single time she goes to the bank with him. The only difference is now she KNOWS she's going to get a biscuit. So, I had to go to the bank today and since I know how much my baby loves going to the bank, I stopped at the house first to pick her up so she could go with me. She jumped right in the car and away we went, her licking the door and window the whole way, which strangely enough, is also part of her trip to the bank routine. When we got there, she stood up on the door and pressed her little face to the window until I rolled it down, to get the tube. She stretched as far out of the window as she could to "help" me get the tube. I got it, put my stuff in it and sent it on its way. The SECOND that it got back, she started wiggling and shaking and crying. She looked at me and looked back at the tube, and just about had a conniption fit. I reached for the tube and as I brought it back into the car, she was all over me. I twisted the top off, and I couldn't get my hand in the tube for her trying to get her head in there! I finally pulled her back and got her into the passenger seat. I got my deposit slip out and her biscuit, and she was back in my lap before I could get the tube back its place. I got her back into the passenger seat and then I gave her the biscuit and she just looked at it! Seriously! After that whole show! I made her lay down and I broke the biscuit in half and gave it back to her, and she went to town. She's not high maintenance, is she?? When we got home, I put the car in park and opened the door and she bolted! She ran up to the door and turned around and stared at me, like "hurry up, mom". She has such an attitude sometimes! I had to go back out to my car with a wet one and wipe down my seat, to get all of the slobber off. Once she dug into that biscuit, she licked every little crumb off the entire seat! My baby loves to go bankin'!


Amanda said...

LOL!! Wesley and I love CoCo!! She is such a little priss!!

~G~ said...

Too Funny! My Nanny used to have a wiener dog that she took to McDonald's every day for a cup of ice cream. She would just pull up to the speaker, roll the window down, and he would bark into the speaker. They would say, "oh, hey Bullet! Pull up to the window and we'll have your ice cream!".

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I love the fact that your bank gives out biscuits and that coco knows that and loves to go with you!