Saturday, September 12, 2009


In case y'all haven't suspected - Coco likes attention. She is pretty much an attention whore. I am trying to get her out of the habit of expecting 100% of everyone's attention all the time, but thats not working all that well.

Every evening, when I work on Darren's laptop, she gets right next to me and stretches in front of me to block my view, or tries to crawl in my lap with the computer, or just stands on the laptop. So, I am constantly pushing her or scooting her and trying to get her to lay down next to me so we can cuddle and I can use the computer. Sometimes that works, a lot of times it doesn't.

This morning was a prime example.

This is how most of my computer time was spent this morning:

Let me just tell you how hard it is to see what you are doing on the computer with a furry little head in your way.


Amanda said...

That's too funny!! Coco is just too cute!!

Heather said...

my cat does the same thing. she paces back and forth on my desk wanting attention and blocking my view. she also likes to lay down on the mouse. sometimes i wonder if she knows what she's doing or if she is just trying to be closer to me.