Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and Blessed Easter! We had a wonderful time with family and lots of good food. I decided to set up my dining room as the "dessert room" and we all ate lunch in the sunroom, since it was big enough to fit all 12 of us comfortably.

Here is my dining room table. Please excuse the wrinkles. My iron must still be packed because I looked for it AND my garment steamer forever with no luck. Anyhow, we had cupcakes, chocolate candies and petit fours that my mother-in-law Jackie made, "pink stuff" that my mother made, a fruit tray my sister brought and cream cheese sugar cookies and a homemade carrot cake that I made. Oh, we were loaded down on the sweets!
My nephew Matthew LOVED this room!

I made these Jelly Bean Topiaries for table decorations. I saw the tutorial on Crafty Sisters, you have to check them out...they have wonderful ideas!
You can kind of see my new table runner - it is so precious. Pale pink with polka dots and little bunnies at each end. Darren bought it for me, when we were at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago for $9.99

My mother-in-law made these cute bunnies from a 3D Wilton Candy mold. It's hard to tell but they attach to little Easter baskets that you can fill with an egg, or candy (like we did). We surrounded them with Easter grass and thought they were a perfect addition to the table!

On the buffet, I used my tiered server to display ceramic Easter eggs and more grass! I used two of my glasses to put out some colorful spring m&Ms and then we had some strawberry lemonade. Don't you just love my little buffet runner? I found that at Marshall's for $7.99

This is one of the bookcases in the living room. I put a little Easter scene out and then put some eggs and carrots on the shelves. These decorations were my mom's that she passed down to me. She painted those eggs and carrots many years ago!

This is probably one of my favorite decorations! I just love this little bunny. Another one that my mom gave to me. I just finished him off with Easter grass and a few of those ceramic eggs.

Friday, when I was out running errands, I stopped by Williams Sonoma and picked up some cute spring colored towels since I couldn't find the Easter ones that I had bought at Ross.

While I was there, I splurged on this cute little spatula! I paid too much for it, but I thought it was cute!
We ate a great lunch of pork roast with carrots, celery and onions, honey ham and hickory smoked ham, okra & tomatoes, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, white rolls, buttermilk cornbread, deviled eggs, pea salad, and a garden salad. Oh, everything was so delicious but now I have so many leftovers in my fridge!!!
After everyone finished lunch, we headed outside so that Matthew could hunt for Easter eggs!

Of course, he had so much fun!

The loot! He is a professional egg hunter now. He has hunted eggs at school, church, Aunt Morgan's house, at his great-grandma's house and then at home on Sunday. This year, he got 5 Easter baskets! I guess it's nice to be the only grandchild sometimes! :)
Coco also got an Easter basket. Hers was filled with a frog toy, a giant flower toy, a cute little shirt, a cute spring jacket and a couple of Greenies. Here she is in her Easter dress. A couple of weeks ago, Darren dropped her off to be groomed about 10 one morning and I didn't get to go pick her up until about 5:30. She was shaking and ready to go home but they said that she was wonderful and well behaved, so I splurged and bought her this cute dress! She LOVED it!

Coco and Matt together! They LOVE playing together and completely wear each other out. They both sleep REALLY well after a day together. And my Easter wreath! Ok, this is after the door had been opened and closed about 100 times. I forgot to take a before picture. As you can tell - there are a few places that didn't get enough hot glue! I will have to go back and fix that before I put it up. I saw similar wreaths that I just loved for about $50 and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much. I wanted a cute wreath for about $10, and guess what...I did it! I got enough materials for 2 wreaths but only had time to make one. Nonetheless, I spent about $21 so each wreath cost me a mere $10.50! Isn't that wonderful? I'm not that great at tutorials so I will let you go on over to Crafty Sisters and read about how to make it over there. I told you they had great ideas!
We had a wonderful Easter celebration and I am already getting ideas of some new things I want to make for next year! I hope you all had a wonderful one and were able to spend it with family and friends!


Amanda said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time!! You are SO creative! I love the decorations!!

Candace & Nicole said...

Oh! Everything turned out SO cute! You did such a great job putting the topiaries and the wreath together! Well done!

Candace :)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

all of your easter decor is so cute i wish i would have done more...i will have to bookmark this and "borrow" some of your cute ideas

Screaming Meme said...

How stinkin cute! :) I love how your dressed your dog too...LOL! I am from Houston as well! So nice to meet Texans...I love your header...so sweet! I want to personally invite you over to my little design blog...I am having a giveaway too...Meme from Screaming Meme...


Melissa Miller said...

Thanks for coming by Morgan!

I thought I left you a comment on this Easter post. Huh? I know I read it recently and enjoyed the photos.

Your table looked gorgeous and your nephew is precious. Love your doggies outfit too. LOL! So sweet.

Have a blessed week my friend. ~Melissa :)