Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New View

I got so disgusted at looking at my messy closet every time I opened the door, I decided to re-organize it. I was too embarrassed to take a "before" picture, but this is what I see when I open the door now...

All of my shirts are organized by sleeve length. I have always done this - we go from spaghetti strap all the way to long sleeve. I only have about 6 more boxes of clothes to go through and hang up (or donate).

This is to the right of the door. Can you tell I'm not big on dresses? The canvas hanger organizes my earrings and bracelets.
My shoes are to the far right. They started out as organized by color but I have way more shoes that room, so that didn't last long. It's better than it was though.

It's hard to see all of my black shoes up there. I have more shoes on top. I ran out of room and have two totes of shoes sitting in the office, waiting for a home. I have some of my necklaces hung up on a coffee mug hanger I found at Wal-Mart for $5. I had them seperated by color but I started running out of room. Then, I found a bunch more necklaces that I need to hang so I'm looking for another solution. I'm thinking something along these lines, but much longer. Maybe I make something really cute to hang in my closet?
Hmm, the possibilities!


Amanda said...

You go, Girl! It looks like you are really make a huge dent in getting things organized and unpacked!! It really looks good!!

Barrow Family said...

WOW! You have more shoes than Macy's! You go girl!!! You are never allowed to see my closet, it would depress you... just a bunch of running shoes and flip flops... and i don't run :)

Melissa said...

Take a piece of wood.... a long piece and buy different shapes, colors and sizes of drawer pulls. Screw them onto the wood and mount it on the wall. you can make it as long as you want. I did that for my necklaces and its so fun!! I have it hanging in the bathroom!

Melissa Miller said...

Awesome job!