Thursday, May 5, 2011


There is an old country song, that Guy Clark sang called "The Cape" that I think of often. The chorus goes...

"He's one of those that knows that life Is just a leap of faith Spread your arms and hold your breath And always trust your cape"

I try to remind myself that you can't plan everything, you can't plan for everything and sometimes, despite my control issues, you have to let go and let life happen.

D and I have been through a lot in the time since we got engaged. We've moved 3 times, he sold a business, we both got new jobs, my dad died, we got married, we lost his grandmother, he got laid off, he moved 4 hours away to work while looking for a new job then came back and got re-hired all while I stayed in our house continuing to work, we struggled with infertility, Coco got attacked by a Coyote, we lost two pregnancies, and now we're finally expecting our first baby.

That's a lot of life changing, stressful, emotional events in the last five years. And the only thing that I keep thinking is "we got through it". It wasn't always easy and it sure as hell wasn't always fun, but we made it. We came out on the other side with our heads held high and became stronger people and a stronger couple because of it.

So, when I thought of leaving my job and taking a new job, closer to home with a lot less stress (which I am in dire need of right now). We weren't sure how money would be an issue, but we knew it would be somehow. We didn't know about security or longevity or any of those things, but the one thing that kept coming back to us and eventually made our decision for us was that we'd figure it out. We'd get through it - just like we have time and time again!

So, I tightened my cape and took a leap of faith and two weeks ago yesterday, I gave my two weeks notice to a company I had been with for 5 years. That I had been through a lot with. I was anxious and nervous and for a few fleeting moments, I second guessed my decision but I stuck with it. It was emotional and stressful but for the first time in my adult life I made a decision based on what would make me happy and didn't give a lot of thought to the logistics of it. And I don't know if I've ever been happier.

So, D and I both know that we have a lot of changes to make. Our lifestyle will have to change, our spending habits will have to change but we are actually looking forward to it. We know that we vomit money on unneccessary things more than we need to and hopefully this new change in our lives will bring about some extra financial responsibility.

Regardless of what happens, we know that we'll get through it - together!

Wish us luck - this ought to be fun!


Heather said...

Way to go girl! Isn't that a great feeling? I had that same great If you need a backup plan, you can always substitute teacher. I've been doing that a lot and even though it's not the same amount of money I made before, it's darn close.

Amanda said...

I wish you luck and will be praying for ya'll!! I think it will be a big adjustment, but I know that the three of you will come through flying!!