Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Sweet Baby Boy!

We had an ultrasound appointment today (it should have happened a couple of weeks ago but there was a miscommunication and we had it today instead). Denver was a VERY active boy today. When we started, he was face down and he showed us his spine and his waved his little arms around for us. Then, he moved around and faced my left side, but not long enough to get a picture. He flipped and faced my right side, but same thing - not long enough to snap anything. Then he rolled around and mooned us and we got a verification that he's all boy! :) He wiggled his little feet at us and kicked mom lots of times. I was jumping and so was the ultrasound lady. It was pretty cool that I could see on screen what I was feeling. He FINALLY settled down some and we were able to get a good picture of him...

Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? Look at that nose and those pouty little lips. Oh, I can't wait to kiss all over him!


Anonymous said...

I'm generally happy you :) I know that you are one happy momma. My baby girl will be turning ONE on the 28th and I am up in arms. I remember all my ultrasounds :) Cherish the time he's "in there" and love him TONS once he's here. They grow up quickly. CONGRATS :D


Amanda said...

I am sooo EXCITED for you and Darren, and I can't wait to meet Denver!!