Monday, June 13, 2011


I haven't been online much, but I did want to write down a couple of stories about Coco because they are so cute and I didn't want to forget them!

Coco loves blueberries - everytime I buy them, she gets so excited because she knows that she will get some. D has been on a blueberry kick lately and everyday when he eats some, Coco waits beside the refrigerator so she can get some too. Well, the other day was like any other and she waited beside the refrigerator, so he bent down and he gave her what was left - only 3 blueberries. She looked down at them and them up at him, and walked off. He kept calling her and trying to get her to come back and eat them. I think she was offended that she only got 3 lousy blueberries and decided that she didn't want any! He picked them all up and put them in her food bowl, with her dog food thinking she would eat them later. Well, later that evening when I was filling up her water, I looked at her food bowl and couldn't help but laugh! I called D into the kitchen and got him to look. That little girl had eaten EVERY morsel of her dog food and in the bottom of the bowl... 3 lousy little blueberries! :)

The other evening I was picking up the house and I started picking up Coco's toys from all over the house. There is a little basket by the fireplace that I keep them in (or try to anyway) when she isn't playing with them. I went around and gathered all of her toys and put them in her basket and then sat down to watch some tv. Since I was eating dinner, she wasn't allowed in my lap so she got up in the chair next to me and laid down. After a little while, she got down, went to her basket and sniffed around. After a minute or so, she grabbed her toys one by one and took them out of the basket until the basket was empty. She looked around a minute and then walked back over to the chair, got up in it and laid down. She didn't play with a single toy the whole night - she just didn't want them in that basket!

Isn't she a little stinker? I just adore my baby girl though. :)


Heather said...

Coco is hilarious! I love how pets show us their personalities through their actions. :)

Amanda said...

LOL! Too funny! She is just like a kid!!