Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This weekend, my in-laws were in town and while the boys were at the barber shop so that Pops could get his hair cut, Mama Jackie and I went across the street to Hobby Lobby. While we were there, I talked myself into buying some flowers for the front porch. A few months ago, I had bought a door hanger basket from Southern Living, but never bought any flowers to put in it. All of a sudden, I was in the mood for flowers!

The front door. I would love, love, love to put some more white trim around it and paint it red, and then put the street number on the door with vinyl letters. But alas, this isn't "our house" so I'm going to let that idea go.
Oh, and I really like how the pots turned out. I bought terra cotta pots for $3 each and then spray painted them with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

The flower pot to the right. I was only planning on using the yellow flowers, but I needed some fillers. I thought I bought 4 bunches of yellow, and I wound up only picking up three. I like how it turned out though.

The flower pot to the left of the door. I really, really love this little garden stake. I bought it a few months ago and had it in a flower bed on the other side of the house, but it was really "lost". It was far too small to be put in a large bed. Once I got these flowers "planted", I went and got that stake, bent it in half and then stuck it down in this pot. I really like how it turned out.

This is, by far, my new favorite thing about the front porch. I just had to have that bucket, when saw it, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I just love the feathers and the greenery pieces that hang out. I am pretty cheap though and I never could find flowers that I liked that were cheap enough! I finally found a bunch of greenery, that had these feathers in it, for $11.99. Lucky for me, all floral was 50% off this weekend. So, I bought all of the flowers for the front porch for just $46. That works for me! We never use our front door, but I can't help but go out that door about 5 times a night, just so I can see the flowers on the way back in! They make me happy! Hope all is well with each of you!


Barrow Family said...

Your comments on our blog are always so sweet! Could you be anymore creative? I am a bit jealous! I NEED SOME SERIOUS DECORATING HELP!!! Maybe someday you can bring your Martha Stewart skills over and help me out!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Morgan they are such glorious colors! It really looks pretty and welcoming at your front door now. The feathers are a great touch too. Love the price and the sign.

Blessings to you all.
~Melissa :)

PS I hope sweet Coco is doing well.

Amanda said...

The flowers really do look beautiful!! You are really creative! I wish I was that creative!