Monday, December 13, 2010

Making Cupcakes!

Auntie M, as I am sometimes refered to as, spent the weekend with these little cuties:

We painted, we made crafts and used glitter, we played outside, we made cupcakes, we played outside some more, we watched movies and made dinner and then the next day we watched more movies and played outside some more! We had a great (exhausting) weekend and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Aren't they adorable. And since everyone wanted to "stir", I gave everyone their own whisk. Which was fine, until 2 seconds after I took their picture and we had this:

Which resulted in batter being EVERYWHERE! But you know what - you only live once and what's a little red velvet cupcake batter on the counter, your arms, your jeans, their arms, their shirts, the floor and the dog if you're having a little fun, right? Happy Baking!


Barrow Family said...

Adorable. Reminds me of my three little helpers. You are a brave girl taking on three kiddos!

Amanda said...

Looks and sounds like ya'll had a great time!! They are some beautiful kiddos!! Looks like you had your hands full!