Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Of course, over the years - people accumulate a lot of stuff. In the last couple of years - we have gone through a couple of moves and haven't downsized a whole lot along the way. This is the result:

That is our garage (looking out the laundry room). Lovely huh? See our little trail, to get to the end of the garage, to put the trash out? Darren would love some room to actually get to use some of the tools that he has out there.

Our mission, for the long weekend, was to get all of this cleaned up and to cover the floor with Rust-Oleum. My brother-in-law did his garage a year or so ago, and it looks great, so we figured we would try it out.

This is a couple of hours into our "project".

These are all of the "decorations" we have. Seriously. Fall, boy baby shower, wedding shower, girl baby shower, wedding, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Fall, Summer, 4 of July. You name it - we had something to decorate for it!

This is what the garage looked like when we got ready to do the floors. We are not done - those shelves will be more organized and the things closest to the hot water heater have been moved. We are putting up pegboard on the right side, so that I can hang up all of my yard art, and all of my cute wooden signs and such, and so we can have an organized way to store water hoses, extension cords, etc. The left side will become Darren's "workshop". He is going to put his work benches back in there, and build a table along that wall, to set up his tools and get all of his stuff organized.

The "old" garage floor.

The "new" garage floor!

Isn't it pretty?

...and close up. Doesn't it look great? It really looks awesome in there, and I really feel like we have gone through some sort of "detox". It's amazing how much better you feel when you get rid of some things you have been hanging on to for too long!
We also started re-finishing our kitchen cabinets (finally), but that is a project in the works. Already, its very exhausting and time consuming and will be a long time coming, before I am able to update with pictures of that. :) Wish us luck though - I'm sure we will need it! :)
We worked our butts off and although we accomplished a lot - we missed two housewarming parties and only took time enough out to grill some fajitas last night, for the first home-cooked meal in 4 days. We are proud of our progress though. I hope you all had a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...

You guys did a terrific job! What a difference!!!!!

WE LOVE OUR GARAGE FLOORS! We even have a mop especially for them. Seriously they are the BEST!