Thursday, September 3, 2009

She's a Little Vain!

My mom had this big, beautiful mirror that she used to have hanging in her dining room and when we moved, she didn’t have room for it anymore so she gave it to me. I have it hanging above the buffet in our dining room and it looks great. Since I am finally starting to do a few things to the house, I decided that I would re-finish the frame around the mirror so that it would go with the new curtains and the picture that I bought. Anyhow, I took the mirror down, night before last and taped it off so that I wouldn’t get any paint on the mirror itself. It was already late, so I decided that I would wait until a different day to start spraying it. I propped it up against another piece of furniture and left it there. Yesterday, when I was in the kitchen, I turned around and in the dining room, laying in front of the mirror, staring at herself is … Coco! I said “Coco baby, what are you doing” and she jumped up really quick like she was going to get in trouble. After awhile, I went back into the kitchen to get a drink and realized that she was over there lying in front of it again. When she saw me, she got up and came to me. I went in there, and turned the mirror on its side, so she wouldn’t knock it over. Everytime she got quiet last night, I went to look for her and guess where she was?

The Mirror

This is when she realized there was something there, she hadn't seen before.

And realizing that she could see herself.

Staring at herself.

She got to where she wouldn't even look AT me. She would look at me, through the mirror!
She never barked or whined or anything. I thought she might think it was another dog, but she never acted like it. At one point, she even went and got her purple toy and layed it down beside her, so she could stare at herself and her friend. She's a little vain! I think she thought I put that mirror there, just for her enjoyment.


Amanda said...

She's so funny!! That was too cute!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we will get her one of her very own for Christmas!