Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Darren!


Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope that you have a wonderful day - you deserve only the best. You are such an amazing husband and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I am grateful for all of the time that we have had together, all of the memories that we have made and all that our future's hold.

Sometimes, when we're watching tv and I look over at you or when I'm laying awake in bed, I can't help but think of how incredibly luck I am to be married to you, and how many things I love about you.

In honor of your 29th birthday, I wrote a few of them (or 29) down...

1. I love your laugh. I love that it's goofy and loud and that when you think something is funny, you don't wait for everyone to laugh - you just let go and laugh with everything you have - even if that means clapping your hands and stomping your feet.

2. I love how handy you are. I love that I can dream up all kinds of things for "us" to do and you can do them for me.

3. I love that you hold my hand when we sleep.

4. I love that you are not all macho and controlling of the remote and that you let me take possession of it and decide what we watch.

5. I love that you know how completely neurotic I am (about everything), but you act like it's completely normal.

6. I love that you are who you are and you don't pretend to be anything you're not.

7. I love that you are a hard worker and are motivated and will do whatever you have to do to provide for our family.

8. I love that you adore Coco as much as I do and by all accounts, she is your "little girl".

9. I love how protective you are.

10.I love that you kiss me and say "goodnight sweetheart, sleep good" before bed every night.

11.I love how your dad is your hero.

12.I love that when you tell me that you love me and I say "I love you more", you say "nope".

13.I love, love, love when you're freshly shaven - how smooth and soft your face is and how I can't help but kiss all over you and you just smile.

14.I love how everytime you cook, you get out every single spice that we have in our pantry and attempt to make a "special concoction".

15.I love that you let me talk you in to just about anything.

16.I love that you get into Lifetime movies just as much as I do!

17.I love how proud you are of your heritage and where you came from.

18.I love how children absolutely love you. I have never seen children so drawn to a person as they are to you and I love how you are on Cloud 9 when you are around them.

19. I love that you've had the same best friend since you were younger and how regardless of the fact that you don't see each other often, every time you get together you just pick up where you left off.

20.I love that you know how much I hate running errands (like going to the bank) and you do it for me.

21.I love that you're tough on the outside but tender on the inside.

22. I love that when we look at each other across a crowded room, everyone else disappears and we only see each other.

23. I love that you want to experience everything together and that you're as excited (if not more) than I am to have children and start a family.

24.I love that we can be silly together and that we have the stupidest inside jokes and how much fun we have re-telling them over and over to each other.

25.I love the way that you make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world.

26.I love that I can have an absolute blast with you - regardless of what we do, even if its nothing at all.

27.I love how everything turns into an adventure when I'm with you.

28.I love how close you are with your parents and that you talk to your mom everyday.

29.And more than anything, I love that you love me and that you "chose me" and that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

I love everything about you! Happy Birthday my love! I hope it's a great one and that the next year brings much happiness, success and good health! I can't wait to experience it all with you!


Melissa Miller said...

Ah how sweet are you to write something so special for him. I have tears in my eyes reading this Morgan.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!
And to you as well. *Smiles*

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Darren (late)!! We hope that it was absolutely wonderful!! I'm sorry that we didn't make it Sunday to help ya'll celebrate! Ya'll seriously need to move back this way!!

And, Morgan, this is really sweet! I wish I had thought of something like this for mine and Jud's anniversary!