Monday, September 20, 2010

My New Digs

Back in June, I moved into an office and have been working here and there to get it all fixed up. It's still a work in progress, but I wanted to share where I was so far...

This is what you see, standing in my doorway.

As you turn to the right, I have some guest chairs and a book shelf. I would like to find some older wooden chairs to re-finish and reupholster, but I haven't found any that I like.

This is what is on top of the book shelf. A plant that I found at Wal-Mart for $5, a candle that was on clearance (originally $30 and I paid $9) at Hobby Lobby, a candle stick that was on clearance (originally $15 and I paid $3) at Hobby Lobby and an engagement picture of D and I. It's hard to tell but the candlestick, the pot, and the frame are all an oil-rubbed bronze. The frame is hammered. My photography skills suck, but it looks good in person! :)

This is the corner of my desk. I found this cute little lamp at Ross for $14. Next to it sit my business cards, calculator and electric stapler - that is probably my favorite office supply. It sounds ridiculous until you get used to it - now it's a must have!

The clock that hangs on the wall to the left. I found it at Ross for $12

If you come around my desk to the left, straight in front of you (on each side of the window), hang framed map pictures I found at Kirkland's (originally $30 each and I paid $30 for BOTH of them).

Some pictures and a plant (that I'm in the process of killing), I found that pot at Wal-Mart for $7. I bought a smaller one for $5 but haven't figured out what I'm going to put in it yet. The plant thing obviously isn't working for me!

This is the other side of the world - on the other side of the window.

You don't see the key box unless you are standing right in front of it, but I had to put it somewhere. That printer is my lifeline - I would be lost without it. It sits on a printer stand that matches my desk, and it holds all my paper and stuff. I'm still trying to figure out something to hide that one cord. - Hopefully I can think of something but I'm open to suggestions!

This is in the corner of my office, looking at my desk. My new custom bulletin board is under neath that hutch, to the left of my computer.
On top of the hutch, I got that arrangement at Kirklands for $25 with a amber cracked glass fleur-de-lis finial from Hobby Lobby that I got on sale for $7. I have an amber cracked glass potpouri bowl from Kirkland's (on sale for $9) in the middle, underneath a clearance wall hanging from Hobby Lobby (that I got for $9) and on the far right side I have an amber cracked glass (see a pattern here) faux jug that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $12 when it was 50% off. The frames I got for $5 and $3 on clearance at Kirkland's.

This is Command Central! I really like seeing this bulletin board everyday. I re-printed everything I needed to put on it, in colors that coordinated with it (its hard to tell from my pictures) but all of my notes are in sage green and cream.
That Dymo dual labeler makes my life easy breezy!
All of my pens and markers, some note pads and apparently money to the left, and my electric hole punch.
When I sit down and look to the right, I see my notebook (with Monday's to-do list) and my pen holder that doubles as a picture frame. Cute, huh?

My new amber cracked glass candy jar that I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby for $12. Its always full of m&ms and I have MANY visitors throughout the day that enjoy those little treats. This is sitting at my computer - what I see pretty much 8 hours a day. Can you tell I'm ready for Fall? And of course, I have to have some good speaker so I can listen to iTunes and I always have a diet DP near by!
So far, I've spent about $165 on decor for my new office (not calculating the countless bags of m&ms that I go through). It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with the results so far.
Thanks for stopping by, but I have to get back to work! :)


Amanda said...

Morgan, your office is really looking good!! I think you need to come spend the weekend with us and use your creativity to help me get my house looking great!! LOL!

Barrow Family said...

Wow, I am impressed! I can only imagine what my hubbys office looks like. I am sure a bunch of blank walls. He isn't much of a decorator:). Yours looks great!!!

Heather said...

I love it! I need help decorating our house. We mostly moved the stuff from our separate apartments and tried to mesh them together. Except the stuff doesn't mesh together that well. I want a "grown up" looking house, but I'm afraid it's going to have to wait for awhile.

Melissa Miller said...

Morgan your office is gorgeous! I just adore all the pretty home decor' touches throughout. Great job!

Happy Fall sweet friend!
~Melissa :)