Friday, May 6, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It's been pretty warm lately, and I have picked back up my addiction to Pop-Ice. Coco always wants me to share with her, but I'm stingy, so what's a girl to do? The other day when I was in the grocery store, I picked up a frozen treat especially for my baby girl. I got home and opened the package and cut it into tiny pieces. D said "Morgan, just give her the container and she'll lick it" and I looked at him like he had three heads and said "Our fat girl? Seriously? She doesn't chew anything - just swallows. What makes you think she'll be any different with this?" And he proceeded to remind me of how cold the treat was, as I continued to cut it into little pieces. I put it on a paper plate and put it down for Coco, who approached the plate cautiously and then dove right in!
Sometimes we have treats before dinner - just because we can! :) She enjoyed hers!
This is what I had given her. It was so hard coming out of that package that I had to use a steak knife to cut it into little pieces. Rest assured, Coco gobbled it up. She didn't lick anything but the plate after she was done!
Then she ran into the living room, climbed up in my lap and shivered for the next 30 minutes!
If your pooches haven't had this, you really should stop and get them some! It's made for dogs, and our little one loves it! You can find it by the people ice cream in most grocery stores. :)

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Amanda said...

LOL!! Too funny! I'm so glad that she got a treat too!! Jud won't agree on me getting some for Summer! LOL!