Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Twas the day before Halloween

We've had a busy day! We started our morning with pumpkin shaped pancakes (using an extra large cookie cutter) and caramel cappuccinos (just milk for Denver). It was delicious!

Next year I'll remember to get orange food coloring!

Then we tried on our pumpkin outfit/costume.

YouTube Video

Denver told me how much he didn't like being a pumpkin. We then had an "accident" and had to change.

We decided to stay in the Halloween spirit and put our Jack-O-Lantern shirt on. And how adorable are those little jeans? They are still a little big on him but they are oh-so-cute! But, we had another accident so we had to change again.

I'm not really sure why but he's been very possessive with his burp cloths today. He had a death grip on this one! Then he took a good nap in his travel swing.

He decided that he needed to sleep with his burp cloth! Mommy decided to make a special trick-or-treat for some of Denver's friends.

Him and Coco kept me company while I made them! It took me longer than I would like to admit but I was pleased with how they came out! Then we got up and he helped me cook dinner (chili) and when we got done, we decided to record a video for his grandparents!

YouTube Video

He is getting so strong & really pushes against you. He can almost completely hold his head up on his own (still just a tad wobbly) - I'm really amazed at how strong his little neck is! Then we had our bath & got in our pjs and went back to mom & dad's room to watch a movie. He loves to lay on our bed and stare up at the ceiling fan! It wasn't long until Coco and him were both asleep.

My babies!

This is his favorite way to sleep! All in all, we had a good day & we're ready for daddy to be home from work so we can eat dinner and go to bed! The sooner we go to bed, the sooner we wake up & it'll be Denver's first Halloween! We have an exciting day planned tomorrow!

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