Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Funday

Before my in-laws left to go back home, we decided to go eat lunch. Since Denver is colicky, I was very apprehensive about taking him out. I didn't want to get there and him start screaming and then spend the rest of lunch in the car trying to calm him down. D insisted that I get out of the house so I got Denver dressed and decided to attempt an outing. I was able to get him to sleep for about 45 minutes while I packed his bag and got ready. Here he is asleep in his pack-n-play (in the bassinet).

Doesn't he look adorable? Then when we got home, we hung out, watched tv and did a lot of rocking (when Denver got fussy again). D took him and was able to get him calmed down and they snuggled for awhile so mommy could eat dinner.

My sweet boys. Both of them getting tired!

I just love those two! All in all, we had a fun day and although there is still a lot of gas issues and crying - Denver seems to be doing a lot better than he was. Pray that he continues to feel better everyday!

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