Monday, November 14, 2011

2 Month Well Baby Check

Today we had Denver's 2 month well baby check.

Someone was sleeping so good this morning, I hated to disturb him. He had even wiggled out of his pillow without waking up.

I picked him up to change his diaper and get him dressed - he still didn't want to wake up.

He kept his eyes closed and slept the whole time and then all the way to the Dr. He woke up when we got into the waiting room & drank some milk.

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Then my sweet boy had to check everything out. He is always in such a good mood & is such a happy baby. We got so lucky! The Dr was very pleased with his progress and his strength. He said that he was very happy to hear all the things we have tried to find what works for Denver - he seems to think we've got a good regime & Denver is very healthy & seems very happy. He got measured (23 1/2" long) and then got weighed (14#, 10 oz.). He's in the 92nd percentile for weight & the 72nd for height. The Dr wasn't concerned with his weight - he said he isn't drinking more milk in 24 than he should be so he was pleased with his growth. Then, we had to get shots. He got 3 shots and then had one vaccine that he had to drink. He did really well. He cried some (and mommy did too). Daddy scooped him up to love on him but mommy was a little frantic & pushed him out of the way to get her baby :) I rocked him & he was asleep in no time. He woke up & we put him in his stroller and headed to get daddy's allergy shots.

He was all good by then. Such a sweet boy! We got home and just hung out the rest of the day. The shots didn't seem to bother Denver, but mom felt bad about them so we snuggled & cuddled a lot!

Those band-aides just break my heart! He was such a trooper though!

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