Monday, January 9, 2012

We're Moving!

Thursday, I kind of let my mouth get me into a tricky situation.

Let me explain. We've been renting a home for 2 years. Originally, we talked to the owners about possibly leasing to own the home. About 6 months in, we decided that we were not interested in purchasing the home. When we spoke at the end of our lease, the owners asked us if we would be willing to stay in the house while they tried to sell it. They couldn't afford for the house to sit empty so in return for us staying they would pay for a company to come in & box our stuff up & move it and they would also add to the contract that we would have 45 days to leave instead of the standard 30 days. Sounded like a good deal so we agreed.

All was well until this summer. All of a sudden, they started acting weird to us. Like all of a sudden, we weren't taking good care of the house or true yard. They came out to work in the yard and were pretty short with me when I went out to talk to them. I overheard them making comments about us being lazy in regards to the yard. I wish I had pictures to show you how "bad" the yard (did not) look and remind everyone that at the time - it was 110 degrees outside and I was 8 months pregnant & on bed rest while my husband worked 6-7 days a week. We managed to keep it maintained but apparently not to their standards.

They started showing the house quite a bit which we were accommodating towards then it started getting really frustrating. They kept breaking verbal agreements and arrangements that we had made about showings and such. Thankfully, they didn't have any showings scheduled for the first 3 weeks we were home with Denver but they quickly picked back up & continued.

Right around Thanksgiving it started getting much worse and December was just a nightmare. We actually had people show up at the house with no notice and barge right in. I explained to them that they could see the house if they would give me a few minutes and they ignored me and toured the house with me in pjs and Denver screaming! When I called to talk to the owner about it, she wouldn't answer my calls or return my texts.

Our last agreement was that they would give us at least 2 hours notice before a showing. Thursday when wee were in the hospital, I get a text from the owner saying that they were showing the house right then & that she had explained our situation to the realtor so they could excuse our mess (which she didn't even know if we had one or not, she had just assumed). I was so mad but was in the middle of talking to the Dr about Denver and couldn't get back to her. A couple hours later I get a call from my sister saying (who was at the house taking care of Coco) that someone had just shown up to see the house. She told him that she didn't feel comfortable letting him in since she didn't know anything about a showing and he told her "you don't have to let me in but there is a lockbox on this door and I'm coming in"! Can you believe it??? That sent me over the edge!

Our 2 hour notice was ignored, they were rude in assuming we had a mess, totally disregarded our belongings, the realtor was 2 hours late to the showing and then was that rude all while we were in the hospital with our sick infant (and she knew that) I totally lost my temper and called the owner. Not surprisingly, she wouldn't answer my call and I might have gotten a little crazy on her voicemail and said that we just needed to leave.

Almost immediately afterward, I got a text that said she couldn't jeopardize her job for this "personal business" but she would accept our 30 days notice.

So, with absolutely no idea where we are going and a baby recovering from a serious illness - we are moving! It had been a long time coming but we at least we're planning to find a new house before we gave our notice!

Pray that we can do all this packing & moving without me having a nervous breakdown!

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