Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm not going to lie. I am completely and utterly exhausted today. Like counting down the time until nap time so that I can sit for a few minutes, grab a Dr Pepper and hopefully take a breather kind of exhausted. Denver is still having teething issues (and still no teeth in sight) and today was one of those fussy all day, can't get comfortable, not content with anything, I don't know what I want but I don't want this kind of days. We spent ALL day going all around the house doing everything that I could think of. Denver would be content for about 15 minutes at each "station" before we would have to get up and move to the next one.
We played in his bed on his tummy until he got upset, then we rolled over to our back until he got upset, then we sat up and played until he got upset (see the pattern). Then we moved down to our play mat on our tummy, then rolled over to our back. He seemed to like that ok for a bit. He had happy spurts in between all the fussy times and that made my day totally worthwhile. He is such a sweetheart.
I put him in his walker and he liked that longer than anything else during the day. He played for about half an hour during lunch time and then another half hour while I cooked dinner. He rolled all over the kitchen but such a smart boy - never got near the stove and never ran into me. :)
We sat on a blanket on the floor for awhile and then we moved onto the couch and he decided that the blanket was pretty tasty.
Finally, right before bathtime, he got over the fussy thing and was all smiles. His little onesie says "Mommy's Little Alarm Clock" and it couldn't be more true! We're hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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