Saturday, February 25, 2012

Smart Phone Smart Kid

I have to admit, I'm almost always attached to my phone. I log onto Facebook and Pinterest multiple times a day from my phone, I text friends throughout the day, I take all my pictures of Denver on my phone - I even write this blog from my phone (most of the time) so it's no small wonder that Denver has seen me on my phone quiet a bit. Guess who's already picking up the habit?
Last night, on the way home from our outing, Denver (who hadn't napped all day) had a complete breakdown and started screaming. Everything I tried wouldn't calm him down so I opened up a Fisher Price app that I had downloaded on my phone to entertain him while we were in the hospital. As soon as he saw it, he stopped crying/screaming. He LOVES it. It has baby animals on it and they make noises and sing to him. That with the bright colors keeps him pacified for a good while. Unfortunately, when he got good and calmed down - my phone died and when the screen went black he totally wigged out. Thankfully, while he was looking at my phone, I was downloading the same app on D's phone so I just opened his and he was able to watch it on there.
It was so adorable to see him holding my phone, watching so intently.
Isn't that adorable?

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Heather said...

Watch out! He's going to want his own cell phone when he starts talking! :) He's too cute!