Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hot Dog Day

Denver has recently discovered Mickey Mouse and my how this child is in love. He thinks “Me Mouse” is pretty much the coolest thing ever. He loves watching the show and carrying around a little stuffed Donald his Aunt gave him. He likes trying to sing along to some of their songs and his most favorite part is the intro to the show when they call roll and he yells out everyone’s name. He has everyone down, except Pluto. He knows he’s the puppy, but he stumbles over his name. So, because of his love of all things Mickey, D and I decided to load up and take him to the mall to visit the Disney Store.

We were a little nervous because it was his nap time but we took a chance and we’re so glad we did. Denver was in awe of everything. Now, I just have to say – he is so my child – he was just as excited about the floor as anything else. For those of you that haven’t been, or been in a while – the floor is red and glittery. He kept reaching out of his stroller trying to touch it and he kept saying “ooh”. I love that kid! We made our way back to the Mickey Mouse stuff and he was waving his arms and saying “oh, oh Me Mouse” over and over. He was thrilled! It was so cute to watch him and see his excitement. We looked at every.single.Mickey.thing. It was fun though and strangely enough, when D asked him “do you want this” he would say no and give it back. Denver only picked up one thing he felt like he wanted, which was a Mickey Mouse figurine set with all of the characters. So, we were happy that he had fun and we didn’t break the bank!

After our stop we walked around the mall and looked around. D wanted to go into the Vitamin shop so I kept Denver with me and we stopped and got a real fruit smoothie and sat at a table where I let him play with his new Me Mouse. He was a happy camper and he loved the smoothie. He drank the whole thing himself! I went back to the little stand and asked what all they put in it and they said it was fresh strawberries, fresh watermelon, a Tablespoon of strawberry jam and a teaspoon of sugar.

I’m going to see if I can re-create it at home (and maybe I can hide some veggies in there too).

After our mall excursion we headed over to Fuddruckers for lunch. Denver ate a good lunch so we let him have a cookie afterward, which he loved. After we left, we ran errands and then stopped and got sno cones before we went home. Denver got the “Mickey Mouse” sno cone which had red, blue and green coloring (I have no clue what the flavors were) and he thought he was pretty much the coolest thing ever. We let him have it by himself, without our help and so he had it EVERYWHERE but he was having fun, so mom just went with the flow.

We got home and played outside and took Coco for a walk. Denver never stopped, he just kept running like a mad man. I guess he had some sugar to burn off! His little face was bright red and it was really hot out, so we headed back in to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.

D bathed him and then they watched Mickey while mom cooked supper. All in all, it was a hot dog day for all of us!

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