Friday, August 9, 2013

Splash Day

Today was Splash Day at Denver's school.  They started them last Friday but he missed it because he was visiting grandparents.  So we got him all ready in his swim clothes and D got him to school to realize that they had missed the allotted time for his class.

His teacher couldn't bear to let him miss it to they talked to the teacher in the next class and asked if he could join them for their time and she said of course.  Thankfully, he has some wonderful teachers.  They said he had a BLAST.  He kept yelling "water, water".

After he came in, his teacher sent me this picture.  You can just tell how happy he was, which just makes me smile.  Next Friday is teacher in-service and then hopefully, they'll pick back up with it.  I know one little person that would be especially happy!

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