Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Essentials??

Months back, a friend of mine and some friends of hers cleaned out their cars and listed on their blogs all the stuff they found while cleaning. They were getting a lot of mouth from their husbands about how much stuff they had in there, etc. Anyhow, I cleaned out my car a couple of weeks ago, and didn't make a list, but...I cleaned out my purse today! Ha! It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Darren always gives me so much grief about all the crap I have in there. I'm always complaining about how heavy it is and how there is so much stuff in there. I always assure him that I am just carrying "the essentials", but the more I carry it, the less sure of that I am. So, I decided to clean it out today and this is what I found: 1 wallet 2 checkbooks 1 check book register 1 book of used checks 4 necklaces 7 batteries 1 digital camera 1 bottle of Aleve 1 bottle of Midol 1 kitchen cabinet knob 1 paint sample 1 iPod cord 1 PSP cord (I don’t even have a PSP – this must be Darren’s) 2 bottles of nail polish 1 pair of sunglasses 1 pair of tanning (salon) goggles 1 book 1 bottle of perfume 1 bottle of hand sanitizer 1 prescription bottle 2 tubes of chapstick 2 tubes of lip gloss 4 pens 1 pair of earrings 1 lose earring 5 peppermints 1 butterscotch candy 1 fun size Butterfinger 1 package of crackers 1 Tootsie Roll 2 melted Hershey Kisses 1 packet of single serving Kool Aid 4 hair clips 2 bottles of contact re-wetting solution 6 pennies 3 dimes 1 quarter 1 safety pin 1 party invitation 2 sets of directions 1 car insurance card 1 bottle of water, ½ full 3 shopping lists 4 coupons 1 voter registration card 2 recipes 1 package of pony tail holders 9 bills, 2 un-opened 1 paycheck stub 1 payment book 1 pampered chef order form 1 envelope full of Darren’s allergy info. 1 cell phone, and 47 receipts Ok, so apparently - I carry ESSENTIALly everything!! Needless to say, my purse is MUCH lighter now. Hopefully, it will stay that way!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that most of it was essential. Example, two nail polish colors. . .you never know when you will want change OR what you will want.

Hubs gets a bit fussy when I leave my insurance card in my pocketbook. . .something about "what happens if he is driving without me and has to explain to the officer that his wife has the card." :)

Just FYI The girls are NOT going near your purse either missy, or you will stay at the top of their list!