Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Freaky Friday

On Friday morning, on their way out of town, my sister Melanie, her husband Roy and my nephew Matthew dropped off their bassett hound Daisy - to stay with us while they spent the weekend at the beach. Now, let me first start by saying that Coco has had play dates with other dogs her size, but she has never had any "friends" over and she has never met Daisy. So, this was a whole new ballgame for her.

Of course, she started by letting Daisy know how "fierce" she is and that she was on her terf. She barked and squeeled and growled for over an hour. She followed Daisy and chased her and when she finally realized that she wasn't going to get a reaction out of Daisy - she quit. Then, just like any other child (or dog) - she had to do everything Daisy did. She played when Daisy played, pottied when Daisy pottied, napped when Daisy napped and ate when Daisy ate. Oh, how she ate. I kept trying to get her to go lay down, but she was not having any of it. She went to that bowl everytime that Daisy did.

Have I mentioned that Coco weighs a mere 11 pounds, to Daisy's hefty 45? Daisy eats anytime she sees something that looks/smells like food and even somethings that aren't, and therefore has a scheduled feeding everyday. Coco has free reign of food, because she doesn't eat much. She might finish a bowl every 2-3 days. I assure you it took no time at all before Daisy realized that bowl wasn't going anywhere and there was no one making sure she didn't eat it. So, before I could get all of Daisy's belongings put up - she ate a full bowl of Coco's food. And when I say "food" I really mean - $15 for a 4 pound bag of all natural holistic, I almost have to take out a loan to feed this dog, dog food. And Daisy just ate about 2 pounds! Naive me, I think Daisy is probably full and will go lay down and I don't want Coco to be hungry, so I re-fill her bowl and fill Daisy's bowl with her food (just in case) and fill her up with some water. I no sooner do that, and turn around that I see this:

Daisy at Coco's bowl, eating another heaping bowl of Coco's food and Coco eating a whole bowl of Daisy's food (which is also good dog food, just a lot less expensive).

By the way - they both finished the bowls, before they walked away!

Needless to say, the different dog food and the amount that she ate - did not sit well with Coco and she got up and threw up in the living room about 2 o'clock Saturday morning. Lovely! She knew what she had done too - she didn't eat anything else the rest of the weekend. Monday she finally felt up to eating some of her food.

And to answer some of your questions - Coco eats that expensive dog food because I put her dietary needs before my monetary ones. No, seriously - because that is what the breeder we bought her from feeds his dogs and she was used to it, when we got her. We often discuss whether we should change or not because although it is pricey, she likes that food and is very happy and healthy. So far, we are sticking with it.

No that laminate on the cabinets clearly does not match, yes we too have realized it, and we too often wonder what the builder was thinking when they tried to pull it off and yes, that is (one reason) why we are re-finishing the cabinets.

Yes, that is paint that I dripped on the baseboard from when I painted the kitchen, and yes I am lazy enough that I have not touched it up/fixed it yet. Yes, I am too lazy to tape before I paint hence the "drippings".

Yes, that is a weird looking bell made for a bird cage and no, we don't have any birds, but we do have a genius dog that will ring that bell, when she wants/needs to go outside :)

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Anonymous said...

We have a friend who has a bichi-poo and their dog rings the bell two. I'm super impressed with you ladies!