Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess Who's Not So Little Anymore?

About two weeks ago (just a few days before my baby turned 7 months old), we got a little surprise. I think that it freaked her out, way more than it did us. You could tell that she was confused about what was going on and then she was less than thrilled with the way that we decided to handle it.

The shop where Darren works was closed the day that this "started", so Darren was home. He called me and said "I don't think our baby is so little anymore". He came by the office and picked me up for lunch and we ran around to Petsmart to get her some puppy diapers! And you thought buying baby diapers were expensive?? 12 puppy diapers for $15.99. No thank you!

So, we came up with Plan B, and that included a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase off-brand (Parent's Choice) newborn diapers. 56 diapers for $5.46! Now, that works for me. Unfortunately, Coco was less than impressed with our solution:

How cute is that little face??

As you can tell, she is less than thrilled with the whole "diaper thing"!
We were expecting this to last 4-6 weeks, from everything we have been told and everything that we have read but today we start week 3, and I think she is done. We are going err on the side of caution and make her wear the diapers for one or two more days, but then - FREEDOM!


Melissa said...

Pull ups work really great too!

Heather said...

poor puppy!

Anonymous said...

I read this and it took me a second to catch on. . .hey I have 3 kids you should expect for me to be slow!!!

You guys are very smart!