Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blueberry Bonanza!

On Saturday, because we are obviously delusional, Darren and I decided to head out to the only place I know where people gather under a metal roof, with no a/c in 103 degree heat, to spend money on food. The Farmer's Market. And although the circumstances seem dreadful, they were surprisingly not. At first. The first aisle you go through, has lots of large fans blowing the previously mentioned 103 degree heat at you at a lovely speed of 40 miles an hour, so that you get an opportunity to yell "how many onions do you want to get, honey?" at a volume loud enough to wake the dead! It only becomes dreadful, when you get to the "other side" and I say that with contempt only because the only thing worse than screaming over 50 hispanic children and 40 mile an hour fans, is trying to pick produce in 103 degree heat, in the middle of the Texas summer with 50 hispanic children and NO FAN. Yep - the "other side" doesn't have any fans. And just for clarification sake, I do not have disdain for hispanic children. I have disdain for any child that runs and jumps and screams and yells in any public place and doesn't understand when I grab them and say "Where is your mother, you need to be over there with her" or "This is not a playground, that crazy behavior can stop now", and they can't understand me. Because in the midst of the Texas heat, I have been known to utter such mother-isms. Oh, who am I kidding - it's happened when air conditioning was involved too. Anyway, to get to the point (if there is one). Darren and I managed to make it through the screaming children and the heat, alive and with lots of goodies to show for it.

Yes, I am that crazy lady that takes pictures of her groceries.

While we were at the Farmer's Market, we grabbed some delicious looking blueberries that I planned on making muffins with because I seriously have no idea of anything else to do with blueberries and neither Darren nor I just like to eat them plain. On Sunday, when I was getting ready to make breakfast, I dropped something on the floor. A single blueberry. And Coco's life changed forever.

She always follows me into the kitchen, until I "shoo" her out, because she knows her mommy makes a mess, and something is going to wind up on the floor! And that day was no different. Once we realized that she ate the blueberry, Darren and I thought we would give her another to see if she really liked it as much as she thought she did. So, we gave her another and she did. And another, and she still did. In fact - she might have gotten some kind of blueberry high, because she seriously stalked me the entire time I made breakfast. And, I totally caved. I figured that I didn't have any real use for the rest of the blueberries, so I washed a handfull of them and put them on a plate and asked Darren to put them by her bowl. Well, when he was leaning down to put the plate down, she jumped up in excitement and was balancing on two legs. He thought this was hilarious and in true Darren style - continued to do it and laugh! Well, he did it one too many times and then, when she was coming down, she hit that plate with one of her paws and blueberries went E V E R Y W H E R E! I wish I had a video camera to catch her excitement. For a short moment, I thought she might be having a seizure, she shook with such excitement. She literally stood there and shook! Then, in a manic state - she tried to cover every inch of that floor to recover every single blueberry. And folks - she did. She went this way and that way and back over here and oh, there is another one over there, until she got them all!

Don't mind the mess in the background - we are "home improving".

Ok, let me be honest. We are taking a break from "home improving". I have had that mess since Memorial Day and I really don't plan on working on it any time in the near future.

See how she couldn't decide where she wanted to start? She was so afraid she was going to miss one.

And how do you like her haircut? We shaved her down to almost nothing - for the summer.

That's my girl! She got them all! And because she has the cutest face ever and we have a hard time telling her no - we let her lick the blueberry muffin batter off of a spoon. And she loved every minute of it! Next time....cherries!

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Awwwe we would love to come do cherries with you!