Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last night, after finishing my "chores”. I mean - after working on them – they are never really done, are they? So, last night, after working on some of my chores, I sat down to chill out for a few minutes and catch the rest of The Bachelorette (I’m not even going to get into that) that I didn't finish Monday night. I thought “oh, I’m going to enjoy a nice piece of chocolate” so I went to my emergency stash and grabbed a Cadbury Egg. I sat back down, took a bite of the chocolate and then because I sometimes think that I battle ADD, suddenly remembered that I needed to make some tea, and unload the dishwasher, re-fill the soap pump in the downstairs bathroom, change the lightbulb in the garage, and move the sprinkler. So, I wrapped my chocolate back up, placed it on the end table for later, and went about the next few items on my list. When I was in the kitchen, getting everything ready for my tea, I heard some rustling. I looked up and I didn’t see anything so I went about my business. Then I heard it again. I walked over to the living room and wouldn’t you know – Coco was standing on the couch, eating my Cadbury egg. Not only had she climbed over to the end table to get it, she managed to get it unwrapped and then began to eat it. I yelled her name and she just looked up at me and turned her head, and stared at me. When she realized I was coming at her, to take her new found treasure away, she began frantically licking at that egg like there was no tomorrow. I suppose she figured if she was going to get in trouble, she was going to get the most out of it!

She managed to get almost all of the cream out of it!
Of course, I took it away, popped her and she ran as fast as she could off of the couch and over to her blanket. Once there, she tried giving me the cold shoulder. Seriously – she wouldn’t look at me (you know, because I’m the meanest “mother” in the world and I don’t even have children yet).

This is her trying to ignore me.

The "cold shoulder". From a dog!

When she finally looked at me, she gave me her best “I’m so sad, I can’t believe you are so mean and took it away from me” face.
I know she was thinking "well, you ate it too mom".


Amanda said...

LOL!! I seriously love this dog!! Sounds like something my dachsund would do!!

Heather said...

OMG!!! you are going to have to watch her! first with the blueberries this week and now your egg! your stories about her crack me up! :)