Monday, July 13, 2009

Fat Kid at Heart!

Last week, Darren had planned for us to go to Center for the weekend to visit his family. As I normally do, I got home on Friday and got right to work getting things ready to go out of town. I put the dishes up, cleaned the kitchen, did some last minute laundry and put it up, picked up the house, made the bed and packed. I was completey done with our bags and pillows, waiting by the door (we were taking Darren's truck), by about 8:30. I sat down to chill out and I thought, "I could go ahead and get in my pjs and ride comfortably". Then I thought "I could go ahead and take my shower and get in my pjs, so I could ride comfy and be ready for bed when we get there". This whole time, Coco keeps turning her head and looking at me like, "what are we going to do now, Mom". She likes to "help"! So, I decided to go upstairs and take a shower and get changed. And Coco went too. She sat in the doorway as I showered and got dressed. I must have been boring her because when I started brushing my hair and teeth, she bailed on me, and she headed downstairs. We don't leave her "unattended" for very long because she is so nosey it hurts (and I honestly don't know where she gets that from). So, I hurried and headed downstairs. As soon as I get to the bottom of the stairs, I hear a "crinkling" noise. I assume she is just playing with one of her toys, that closely resembles a real baby toy that makes that crinkling paper sound. Then, I notice it. The toy that makes that noise! What I don't see, is Coco! So, I come around the corner and see her, trying, unsuccessfully, to hurry and get underneath the coffee table. As usual, my "Coco, what do you have?" stops her dead in her tracks. Seriously. She must have been thinking "If I don't move, she won't see me", because she froze and didn't move a muscle. Until I started over towards her. And then, she ran to "home base". The blanket I have for her in the living room floor. She runs there everytime she thinks she is in trouble. Apparently, you can't get in trouble when you're on that blanket! I find her newest "treasure", and realize that its a large plastic Easter egg, that she managed to get open! She has completely crushed one side of it, until it opened and miraciously produced M&Ms! I run to get my camera to take a picture and here she comes! She gets back to those M&Ms and is working away, until I come back around the corner and off to that blanket she goes! She apparently held down that bag, and pulled as hard as she could (much like she did with Piggy), and got it open, and managed to get some M&Ms out. When I got my pictures and got everything thrown away, much to her disappointment, I went to Darren's desk to check out his Easter basket. His Easter basket is sitting beside his desk and every single plastic Easter egg that WAS in his basket, is now on the floor! She managed to get every single one of them out! The thing that I was thoroughly impressed with... She had "attacked" the only Easter egg with something in it! I checked every egg, and she managed to pick up the only one with a "surprise". Darren thinks she got lucky. I think she is a genius. Either way, we both think - she is a Fat Kid at Heart!!

You see what she did to that egg, to get to the candy! True fat kid!

She wound up getting that package torn open, and getting some M&Ms out!

This is when I went to get my camera. She went back to see if she could "sneak" anymore, before I took them away!

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Amanda said...

Too cute!!! She wanted candy!!