Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did! I had another camera/cord/uploader situation. Ha! Like I have said before, its the store of my life! Anyhow, we had a great time - lots of good food and drink, friends, family, games and fun! We are already looking forward to Christmas (kind of). In a "we love Christmas but not the rush to buy lots of presents no one really uses we wish we could just drink cocoa and snuggle and watch Christmas movies" kind of way! I don't have anything too exciting to post about, but I did want to show you a Fruiturkey I made on Thanksgiving for my nephew, Matthew. For the record, I don't think he was nearly as impressed as I was.

So, I totally bought strawberries to use too and forgot to use them. I'm pretty sure they are rotting in my refrigerator as I type this. I got flack for not using a pumpkin for his body - it being "fall" and all. I was too cheap to buy the red bell pepper I needed to make that little hangy thing off his beak but in my defense - red bell pepper is $2 EACH and seriously? I'm just not going that route. I mean, afterall, my mom made a pretty good hangy thing by cutting a red plastic solo cup that we ALREADY HAD. Resourcefulness - it's what I'm most thankful for! Because these two things TOTALLY go together, I decided to cut my hair. All of it. Off. Ok, I might have exxagerated just a bit, but my husband doesn't think so. We had a slight communication problem. For three hours. Apparently, my hair means a lot - to HIM. He was slightly upset that I chopped it all of, without mentioning it to him. And I use the word slightly as a gross understatement. Then, after I chopped it all off - I decided to change the color, because why not rock the boat after he is already upset. It's kind of how I roll. And not at all because I'm an instigator. I'm from the school where hair on my head is MINE and as long as it grows back - its gravy! So, it is now, chin length and "Dark Burgundy Brown". You read right folks - burgundy. And I love it, for now.

Ok, so as you can tell - I am really horrible at pictures. But you get the gist. Well, that just about sums up our exciting Thanksgiving. Or all of it that I want to write today because it's cold and Thursday and you know, stuff. Hope all is well with everyone!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new hairlook!

Amanda said...

Oh, I love the haircut and color!! As you know I had the same discussion with Jud a few times before I got mine cut! But, I love the way it looks on you!!

Heather said...

i LOVE the hair! i need to go back to the salon to get mine cut again. it's at that phase where it's getting longer and starting to lose it's shape.

~G~ said...

Love the new do!