Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just adore baby and children's holiday outfits. I don't care what holiday - I just think they are all so adorable. I cannot wait to dress our child up for each and every holiday. Recently, I discovered and they have all kinds of adorable children's clothing, and now that the main holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are over they are all on sale! I mean, really, really good sale! So, I went ahead and picked up a few things!

If baby Fountain is a girl - I can totally see all of the adorable bows to go with some of these outfits.

I just adore these Sleep and Play outfits. I'll probably use them just for ps, but they are so soft and cute - I might use them for outfits and pjs!

These have the little turkey from the front, on the butt of the pants. Too cute for words!

I can't wait to put a clean, chubby little baby in these pjs!

I don't know for sure - but I bet this is pretty accurate!

A little one waiting for Santa in these pajamas will be so sweet! Aren't these little outfits adorable? I can't wait to put our sweet little munchkin in them!


Tamara said...

Target has cute ourfits for holidays. I bought his Valentines onsie that said "Number One With the Ladies" and his St. Patrick's Day onsie that says "This is my lucky shirt"

I love the ones that say funny things! He has them that say all kinds of stuff. Love, love, love baby clothes!

Amanda said...

Too cute!! Your little one will be very well dressed!

Faulkner Photography said...

love! i order stuff off of too. im a new follower. congrats! my blog is