Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Fall

It's a lot cooler today and the wind is blowing like crazy. It's so nice outside so Coco and I have spent most of the morning outside enjoying it and putting out some Fall decor. Then, we headed inside to put some things out in the house.
I got this cute little sign for $3 at Hobby Lobby this week.
The two big pumpkins are actually salt and pepper shakers.
Pumpkins in the dining room floor. I bought these for my front porch last year but the wind gets so crazy out here on the "prairie" that I kept having to walk all over the hay fields gathering my pumpkins back up. I'm not dealing with all that this year - I'm just keeping these inside. I'm going to see if D will buy me a couple of real pumpkins for the front porch. Those shouldn't go anywhere!
My dining room table. I actually made that arrangement about 6 years ago for my kitchen table when I was in college. Still looks pretty good!
Rug going from the kitchen into the living room.
Placemats at the breakfast counter.
Some Fall potpourri and leaves on the breakfast bar.
Iron pumpkins - I just need to pick up some candles to put in them (I have one on each end table).
A glass lantern I just wrapped with leaf garland.
The sofa table with leaves and scarecrows.
A pumpkin hanging from the pantry door.
The front door.
The front porch.
My dollar store wreath from last year.
Fall flowers!
On one side of the sidewalk.
And the other side. Happy Fall Y'all!

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kimberly dyan said...

Wow Morgan! You've been busy! I love all your crafts and seeing your fall stuff makes me want to get mine out! Can't wait to see pictures of Denver!