Sunday, August 11, 2013

Darren's Birthday Lunch

Tomorrow is Darren's birthday so we decided to celebrate a day early as a whole family. 

Denver drove us down to La Porte.  Ok, so D had to adjust the straps in Denver's carseat so we let him "drive" while D fixed them.  Denver kept yelling "go", "go".  He was so thrilled.  He was turning the wheel back and forth and let me just tell you that we did not have a happy child when it was time for him to get into his carseat.  

After he calmed down, we headed for Target to get a movie to play in his dvd player on the way down to La Porte.  We made it through Target and mom got some stuff for dad's birthday and then we were off.

I had wanted to take D to the Monument Inn for such a long time, so we finally drove down there and thankfully, only had to wait about 5 minutes before we got a table.  We even got one by the window (there was only one available so we were excited to get it).  Denver was so excited to look out the window at the Houston Ship Channel and see all of the tug boats and barges passing by.

Denver loved the rolls and of course anything he could dip in ketchup.  He was so good during our lunch, and he hadn’t had a nap yet and we ate late so we were really proud of him.
Once we finished, while we were waiting on the check Denver started getting a little antsy so D decided to take him out to see the water while I waited for our waitress.  Once I got all of our to-go boxes and paid the tab, I headed out and saw this…

This just melts my heart.  I love these two boys more than anything and it makes me so happy to see them together and spending quality time together.  They adore each other like crazy, so it’s always fun to watch them.  D is such a great dad and Denver thinks he’s like the coolest guy ever so it was super sweet.

Needless to say, D had a great birthday lunch.

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