Monday, August 19, 2013


Today was Denver’s first day “transitioning” to his new classroom. The goal is for him to spend half the day in his new class and half the day in his “old” class every day for a whole week to let him start to get used to the new kids, teachers and routine without completely submersing him and overwhelming him.

When he got to school this morning, they let him start the day out in his new class. His new teacher, Mrs. Alicia said that he did wonderfully. He seemed like he had always been in there – he played well with the other children and really enjoyed the new activities. When lunch time came, they let him stay and eat lunch with the older kids. They said he ate well (which is normally not a problem for our little man) and then they took him over to the younger class for nap time.

They said once he got next door, he had his eyebrows furrowed and the biggest frown on his face. He wasn’t happy to be back in the “little kid room”. He laid down and took his nap and as soon as he got up he said “bye” and went to the door. His teacher asked him if he wanted to go back next door and he said “yes”. They called the teacher and asked if he could come back over there and she said yes so he went back over and spent the rest of the day in his new room.

So, what is supposed to take a week pretty much took a day. I know they’ll continue the “transition” this week but I know my boy – he’s made up his mind – he’s a “big kid” now.

He’ll want to be a full time member of his new class from now on. It makes me so proud that he’s so confident and independent. I know that those are qualities that will benefit him in life and help him succeed at whatever he sets his mind to, but my goodness, where did my little boy go? It breaks my heart that his little life is flying by.

Everyone always says time flies when you have kids, and I could not agree more. Days turn into weeks that turn into months and then I blink and it’s been a year. I’m so excited about watching him grow and learn and explore but I just wish all of these transitions didn’t happen so fast!

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