Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dollar Store Fall Wreath

I saw this rectangular wreath online and thought that it was so cute and unique and wanted to make my own.

So, I stopped at Dollar Tree and bought 6 packages of leaf garland and then went home and took the left over foam board that I had from the custom bulletin board project, and made a frame that I just pieced together with hot glue.

I cut off all of the leaves, from the garland and then set them in a big pile to pull from. One by one, I went around the edges and hot glued leaves to the frame.

I made sure to let some of the leaves hang over the frame so it wasn't so straight lined.

This actually goes very quickly once you get started.

This is after its done. It still needed something...

I had some left over rafia from the nursery letters, so I added a bow to the hanger.

Then I hung it up. This wreath is for the side door, that is on the front porch.

Please excuse the horrible pictures - they are all from my cell phone and this one was at about 5:30 in the morning - there isn't a lot of light that time of the morning!

I still wasn't thrilled with how it was looking, so I took it down to try to figure something else out. D told me "it looks more like a frame than a wreath, I think you need to add something to it". Let me just tell you - its a sad state of affairs when D starts giving me crafting advise. I knew that it looked bad.

I was able to get some picks with some gourds, pears, pumpkins, and berries on them at Hobby Lobby while they were half off. They were normally $2 each, so I got 3 picks for $3.

I added a little something to each corner and I think it's starting to look more like a wreath.
I have another idea for it, that I will share tomorrow...
Until then - Fall blessings,


Amanda said...

I think it's really looking good!! You are so creative!!

Heather said...

I love that! Every time I go into a store that has fall decorations I think of you. I miss you!