Friday, October 1, 2010

Dollar Store Fall Wreath - It's Finished!

After I added the gourds and berries to the wreath, I still felt like it was missing something, but I couldn't figure out what it needed. I finally decided that I would go buy an "F" to put in the middle of it.

I bought red, burnt orange and some patterned paper because I couldn't decide which to use. Burnt orange was the clear winner, so I covered the F with that, just like I did with the nursery letters.

I played around with it and added it to the bottom, and then to the top and still wasn't really pleased with the look. It needed something different. The F was so plain, and it still felt empty.

I decided to get my antique brown ink pad out and start creating a border around it - to add a little color and make it a little less plain. I decided that it needed more than just a border - that I really wanted to add some "distress" to it so I lightly rubbed my ink pad back and forth over it until I was happy.

And this is what I wound up with. At first I was concerned that I went too far but the more and more I look at it - I'm really happy with it. I like how it turned out.

This is it, once I got it hot glued into the wreath. I decided to put it on the bottom, versus putting it on the top.

And this is the whole wreath, on the office door. The wreath that was supposed to cost me $6 wound up costing me $11 (for the pumpkins, berries, letter and scrapbook paper), but I think the extra money was worth the outcome and I still didn't break the bank!

And this is the porch, so far. I want to get some pumpkins and put out, and fill my little wrought iron wagon with some fall flowers, but I'll have to do that another day. For now, I'm enjoying my latest creation.
Hope you like it!


Heather said...

That wreath is so cute! It was probably a lot cheaper than ordering it online.

Amanda said...

I think it turned out great, Morgan!! You really did a great job!