Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Fall Front Porch

A couple of years ago I bought this wrought iron stand thing at Canton and I had no idea what I was going to do with it at the time so I put it on my back porch. Then I decided that I wanted it in our room, with greenery so I left it there for over a year and was too cheap to buy greenery to put in it. When we moved, I put it in the sunroom and was still too cheap to put anything in it. Then, about a week ago I moved it to the front porch and decided that I would decorate it for Fall.

So, it sat like this for a couple of days.

Then I bought 2 wicker (I think) pumpkins from Target in the Dollar Spot for $2.50 each. D bought me some little real pumpkins, so I added a couple of them and it sat like that for a few days. On a sidenote, D bought me those little pumpkins because I asked for a couple of large pumpkins and he didn't want to spend money on them. He went to the grocery store and saw the little bags of pumpkins and picked those up instead because they were only $4. Then he put them back and then picked them up again and then put them back and ultimately, he bought them but he stood there for about 10 minutes debating before he finally decided to purchase $4 worth of pumpkins. He's so thoughtful, isn't he. Now might be a good time to announce that he didn't have any trouble buying himself a $6 magazine. I'm just saying!

I bought 2 of these little planters at the 99cent store a few days ago. They are hideous but I liked the fact that they had leaves on them and that they had little bases.

I spray painted them with a brown textured spray paint and although it looks pretty good in the picture, it did not in fact resemble this picture at all, in real life.

So then I decided to get out the metallic oil rubbed bronze spray paint and it looks so shimmery and almost black in the picture, but in person - it does not.

Then it sat like this for a few hours before I finally decided to go for it and break out the dollar store flowers I bought. All $12 worth of them!

I busted out my pink floral nippers (you can find these at any craft store that has a floral department for about $5)

And I went to town!
Then, I dug around in the garage until I found some pots that I could put in the second section.

I washed them off and made sure that they fit how I needed them to.

And then I got out more spray paint! This time, I tried the Hammered Oil Rubbed Bronze.

And the Colonial Red.

And I filled them with mulch and busted out the rest of the flowers.

Until I had this.

And then D told me that I needed something around the pots, because it looked "empty". He suggested that "moss stuff you put on your Easter wreath", so I got it out and put it all around the pots and then added the last two little pumpkins from the $4 bag-o-punkins.

And this is currently what the right side of my front porch looks like. I'm thinking about a rafia bow or something on the wrought iron stand. What do you think?

Happy Fall Y'all!


Amanda said...

Your porch looks really good! I would never have thought to try any of that! I'm back to thinking that you need to come help me decorate!

Heather said...

Your porch looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it in person. I would never think to spray paint pots! Makes me brainstorm what I could do with all of the empty plant pots in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

I love it.

LOVE it! I love the oil rubbed bronze color - may go pick that up myself.

I'm with Heather I have not thought about spray painting pots but I am! I have however taken a liking to spray painting my clear flower vases that I get flowers in!