Monday, October 11, 2010

Doll Pin Wreath for My Laundry Room

A couple of weeks ago I was searching online for laundry room decor when I saw a lady that had made a clothespin wreath. She made it to hang outside, but I thought it would be cute inside my laundry room. I wasn't just thrilled with hers, so I wanted to see if I could find any better pictures and then I found a lady that made a clothespin wreath but used doll pins instead. I liked it much better and decided to try my hand at making my own.

This is hers. She added minwax to bring out the natural tones of the wood and hung hers on a door.

I started with a piece of cardboard (that I cut off of a box I found in the closet no less) and traced the outline of the 8" embroidery hoop.

Then I measured ½" outside of my first circle and made another circle. I didn't have anything large enough to make the second circle so I took a ruler and made a mark at ½" and then move it around the circle some and do it again and then just connect my marks.

Get the outside circle cut out and then you need to cut out the inside circle as well. That one needs to be as precise as possible so consider using an Xacto knife.

This is how it comes out. See the outside circle isn't perfect but the inside circle looks a lot better.

Slide it over your embroidery hoop (that's why it needs to be precise - it needs to fit snuggly).

Take your hot glue gun and put a little strip of glue on the cardboard and then slide the doll pin down over it. If you have very much, the pin pushes some of the glue down and it glues the pin to the hoop. That's the way that I went so that I didn't have to try to get the glue on the inside of the pins.
It won't take long and it will start taking its shape. It goes very quickly and I didn't even use an entire glue stick for the whole wreath.

This is the wreath completely finished and all the hot glue dried. I didn't want to hang it up like this, so I decided to spray paint it.
This is the biggest piece of scrap anything I had to spray paint on. I'll have to fix that soon, but anyway - I laid the wreath down and spray painted it with Rustoleum Black (Semi Gloss).
I sprayed one side and let it dry, then flipped it over and sprayed the other side and let it dry. Then I had to hold it up and spray some of the tops of the pins to make sure everything got covered. Waiting for the spray paint to try took longer than making the wreath!

Then I took some ivory ribbon and made a hanger and just tied a simple little bow and hung it up in my laundry room.
I'm hoping one of these days I will get around to painting the laundry room. I'm thinking a taupe color and using black and a colonial/barn red for accents. Until then, I'm just going to enjoy my latest creation.

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Amanda said...

Once again, I am amazed at the things you find and accomplish!! The wreath really looks great!!